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Permanent/temporary IT recruitment

Our key to obtaining successful candidates is a method of direct research. Owing to this proven approach we are able to reach the best specialists. The main technique is supported by our large database, press and internet advertisements as well as other auxiliary practices.

Human Resources IT outsourcing

ITalents delivers the services of Outsourcing to different sectors of economy; however  telecommunication as well as banking and finance sectors frame our main group of customers. In order to simplify communication we offer our clients a standardized system of grouping IT specialists according to IT roles and competence levels.


Our experienced team of professionals conducts numerous advanced trainings. We specialise in soft, technical and project management trainings.

Why choose us?



Only Success Fee

No risk for the Client. Payment only for the recruited person.

No exclusiveness

You will never be asked to sign any exclusivity agreement. You will always be able to terminate our services without giving any reasons.

No prepaids

You will never be asked to cover any costs of our services in advance. Remember prepaids = exclusiveness.

Long guarantee

You will always get long guarantee for our service. We will never leave You alone with any problems with candidates suggested by us.